Navy Pier New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Chicago is home to one of the biggest New Year’s Eve celebrations out there. Celebrate the arrival of a New Year in the windy city and enjoy a Navy Pier New Year’s Eve celebration. A Navy Pier New Year’s Eve celebration will be both memorable and amazing. Throughout the day you can spend your time shopping around or viewing the attractions at the pier. While you spend your day at the pier, at midnight you will have the perfect view of the fireworks! This year don’t let your New Year’s plans fail to be the best.

Navy Pier New Year’s Eve:

The Navy Pier has many different stores to shop at and restaurants to grab something to eat. You won’t have a dull day spending it at the Navy Pier with all that it offers. Catch a ride on the Centennial Wheel and view Chicago from 196 feet above the ground! If you’re afraid of heights then don’t worry, the Navy Pier also has an IMAX theater that you can catch a movie at before the festivities begin. Spend the whole day at the Navy Pier or head there for the night. No matter how you decide to spend your Navy Pier New Year’s Eve, you will enjoy it greatly.

The 5th Annual Resolution Gala-

One of the biggest Navy Pier New Year’s Eve celebrations is the annual Resolution Gala that takes place at the Grand Ballroom at the Navy Pier. This event will bring together over 3,000 guests as you all prepare for the arrival of a New Year. Purchasing your ticket to this event gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fully catered night with over 30 premium bars! As well as giving you food and drinks for the night, you will also enjoy multiple well-known DJs for the night. Dance the last few hours of the year away until it’s midnight. Once midnight strikes, every guest will enjoy a champagne toast with a view of the New Year’s fireworks for the perfect beginning to a New Year!

Crystal Gardens NYE-

Also located at the Navy Pier is the beautiful Crystal Gardens! Crystal Gardens is a wonderful indoor one-acre botanical garden with over 80 live palm trees, lush foliage and a 50 foot arched ceiling. Take your Navy Pier New Year’s Eve celebration to this wonderful venue and enjoy a great celebration. You will enjoy catered food throughout the night as well as over 20 premium bars. As you enjoy your night, you will also have a complimentary champagne toast at midnight! To top this all off and make you feel special, you will be allowed access to the private terrace for a view of the fireworks that you won’t get anywhere else.

New Year’s Cruises-

As well as offering you the best New Year’s parties to attend at the Navy Pier, the pier also has dining and entertainment cruises that depart from the pier. Give yourself a brand new way to celebrate New Year’s Eve and board one of the cruises for the night. These Navy Pier New Year’s Eve cruises are going to treat you right and give you one of the best New Year’s celebrations in Chicago! Each cruise has climate-controlled inner decks as well as an open upper level. As well as having the option of being indoors or outdoors, each cruise will have multiple dance floors and bars for you to enjoy. Spend your Chicago New Year’s night on one of these cruises and bring in the New Year right.

For More Information:

Your Navy Pier New Year’s Eve celebration will be great no matter how you decide to spend it. To view more information on the Navy Pier and the events that take place, click here.